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Run Like a Pro (Parisi Speed School)


Legendary Athletes continues to differentiate itself in the world of high school to college athletic recruiting by announcing its newly formed alliance with Bill Parisi and the Parisi Speed School. The strategic alliance continues to underscore Legendary Athletes’ commitment to partnering with world-class organizations whose solutions further its ability to build better athletes and ultimately better recruits.

  • Under the direction of its founder, Bill Parisi, Parisi Speed Schools have trained over 650,000 athletes from youth to the pros.
  • The Parisi Speed Schools have also trained over 135 college football players who have been drafted into the National Football League; of those, 20 athletes ran 4.39 seconds (or better) in the 40 yard dash at the NFL Combine.

Speed is one of the most sought after and highly coveted skills throughout sports. As the industry leader in speed and performance enhancement, we will continue to deliver a positive training experience that improves speed of movement and strength in character regardless of ability or economic status.”

  • Bill Parisi, Founder, Parisi Speed School

“The relationship with Parisi Speed School is a big win for us and and for the athletes we serve.  It brings yet another world-class, evidence-based, offering to Legendary Athletes’ overall solution furthering the athletic development of  America’s youth and high school students. Bill Parisi is one of the Nation’s foremost experts in speed and performance training and we are incredibly fortunate to have him with us.  Bill’s mission is perfectly aligned with Legendary Athletes’ vision of building better athletes and ultimately better recruits – all while continuing to allow us to deliver something special for every athlete’s and their family’s dreams.”

  • Nick Corso, Founder, Legendary Athletes

Legendary Athletes ( is a high school to college recruiting solution dedicated to building bigger, better and stronger young athletes and then presenting college coaches with the opportunity to source and locate potential recruits for their specific program needs.  What initially started out as strictly a recruiting site has grown to be much more.  Legendary Athletes has now incorporated alliances with major sports entities that make their service unlike any other in the industry. 

In addition to the allowing the ability to create a FREE recruiting profile, student athletes have access to a FREE, downloadable, and personalized sports nutrition plan; a FREE Athletic Health Questionnaire (with accompanying exercise strengthening and recovery program – including ‘how to’ videos); FREE access to a professional trainer referral network; and soon, FREE training tips and videos on  to improve your speed.

Additional upgrade services are available but not required in order to take advantage of the free services provided by Legendary Athletes.  Upgrades include special pricing on dotFIT health and supplement products (the #1 line of evidence-based, nutritional supplements sold in the health and fitness industry), individualized Movement Efficiency Screening, grading and re-testing (designed to identify and correct movement inefficiencies), 5-Star Speed/Combine training videos, and access to inclusion in a database searchable by college coaches for recruiting purposes.

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Legendary Athletes is truly a service dedicated to building better, stronger and more efficient athletes and then getting them seen by college coaches.

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