The following question was posed to Legendary Athletes’ partner and dotFIT founder, Neal Spruce, about nutritional support in a time of Covid 19. We thought we would pass this along.


What nutritional support can we offer our family members related to the Coronavirus (COVID-19)?



Most importantly everyone should listen to the world health experts on what each person should do to reduce the spreading of the virus regardless of personal age or health.

From a nutrition standpoint, mindful that nutrition creates the human structure including health, not medicine (medicine is after the fact), just follow the guidelines we have given everyone since day one: eat the best you can to achieve guidelines and always try to eat better, and supplement properly to fill in nutritional gaps to meet the RDAs (set by experts for best health outcomes) so that your body has all the nutrition it can use to create, build and maintain a strong body and immune system.

At the end of the day, we are what we eat and become what we don’t – i.e. a weaker than otherwise possible structure that will breakdown early if you don’t supply everything (RDAs) the body can use. Your body “down regulates” including your immune system, to the nutrition you give it; and it’s a fact that nobody gets all they need (RDAs) from food alone. It’s a fool’s errand if you believe that’s possible.

Of all the human essential nutrition, vitamins and minerals are the most difficult to attain in proper amounts (RDAs), leaving us vulnerable at any life phase to creating a weaker than otherwise Vitamin/Mineral-dependent human structure, thus opening the door to much of what’s wrong with today’s human health and subsequent lifestyles. These RDA amounts were not known or available during periods of significantly shorter lifespans but are now known and necessary to support our current lifespan’s potential health.

Therefore, our position is that proper dose lifelong complete vitamin and mineral supplementation, starting with already medically endorsed prenatal vitamin and mineral supplementation, should remain a primary health risk reduction aid.