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Some useful tips and help with your Legendary Athletes Membership

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Here are some tips for maximizing your profile:

Player Photo

The purpose of this photo is to give a coach an idea of your athletic build. Here are some examples:

Player Video

Videos should be no more than 2 minutes long.  Upload videos to YouTube then add the link to your profile.

Importance of the Player Video

Add a valuable “personal touch” to your recruiting profile. This is your chance to introduce and continue to differentiate yourself to college coaches. Let them hear your story and have the opportunity to see you move and workout. Coaches review hours of game film highlights and, after a while, all athletes begin to blend together. Stand out with your own personalized message! A step above and beyond your highlight reel!!

Example Video:

Videos can be shot on your phone.  No special cameras required.

Do It Yourself

All you need is the camera on your phone and a way to splice the video together.

 For DIY instructions:

Have Legendary Athletes Edit

Shoot each drill on your phone and send us the separate videos.  

We will splice it together and put it on our YouTube channel.


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