Nick Corso is the founder of Legendary Athletes, Elite Leaders Academy, and author of the book Aspire to Greatness.

At Legendary Athletes, we share your passion; our existence is built upon it and because of it. We understand the fire that burns in the hearts of high school student-athletes across the country.  Our founder, is not only a former collegiate athlete, author, businessman, parent, and entrepreneur but he has also been a coach at the youth, high school and collegiate levels.

“I have personally seen the progressions and transitions that young athletes (and their families) go through in the pursuit of their dreams of becoming a student-athlete at the next level”.

Getting to the next level is a competitive endeavor.  Unfortunately, with the advent of accessibility and social media, this seems to have been interpreted as a green-light in the industry for student athletes (and their parents) to attempt to “mass market” themselves (and their children).

“It is important for everyone to understand that coaches want to connect on their terms, not yours.  There are two things that will make most college coaches run in the other direction:  An over-bearing parent; and unsolicited mass mailings from the industry’s recruiting sites”.

Legendary Athletes is a concept whose time has come.  We broaden the reach of collegiate coaches across the country.  We put the tools right in the coaches’ hand to make their jobs easier and enable them to discover the talent for which they are looking.  We let the coaches do their jobs while letting the student-athlete focus on their job – being the best they can be both athletically and academically.

Be Great!  Be Legendary!