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When it comes to high school to college athletic recruiting, Legendary Athletes ( continues to differentiate itself from the pack through its newly formed alliance with Fusionetics Sports Science. Fusionetics is a performance health system designed to help athletes reduce injuries, decrease pain, optimize performance and speed recovery.

“Under the direction of founder, Dr. Mike Clark, there is a reason why Fusionetics is the industry’s leader and currently working with over 500 college and pro teams to deliver movement efficiency and optimized performance; their technology is cutting edge and always continuing to evolve. Fusionetics brings yet another world-class, evidence-based offering to Legendary Athletes’ overall solution for America’s youth and high school students.”
“Every elite athlete knows the importance of movement efficiency; at the highest levels of athletic competition, careers and livelihoods depend on it. To be able to bring the level of knowledge, understanding and testing, which is already available to professional athletes, to youth and high school athletes gives them a tremendous leg up on their athletic future” says Dr. Mike Clark.

Legendary Athletes ( is a high school to college recruiting solution dedicated to building bigger, better and stronger young athletes and then presenting college coaches with the opportunity to source and locate potential recruits for their specific program needs. What initially started out as strictly a recruiting site has grown to be much more. Legendary Athletes has now incorporated alliances with major sports entities that make their service unlike any other in the industry.

In addition to the allowing the ability to create a FREE recruiting profile, student athletes have access to a FREE, downloadable, and personalized sports nutrition plan; a FREE Athletic Health Questionnaire (with accompanying exercise strengthening and recovery program – including ‘how to’ videos); and FREE access to a professional trainer referral network.

Additional upgrade services are available but not required in order to take advantage of the free services provided by Legendary Athletes. Upgrades include special pricing on dotFIT health and supplement products (the #1 line of evidence-based, nutritional supplements sold in the health and fitness industry), individualized Movement Efficiency Screening, grading and retesting (designed to identify and correct movement inefficiencies – as movement inefficiencies are predictors of athletic injury), and access to inclusion in a database searchable by college coaches for recruiting purposes.

Fusionetics is a human performance company that works in the world of sports medicine by utilizing science and technology in order to prevent injuries, enhance recoveries, and train athletes to the best of their performance potential.
The study of fusionetics has taught the sports medical field that contributing factors of injury risk include previous injury history, movement efficiency, training load, and recovery behaviors. Fusionetics helps prevent injuries from occurring in the first place by providing strengthening and stretching exercises for individuals that improve their overall performance, including improved speed, agility and strength. Through the use of the Fusionetics system, clients come away with a properly aligned body that is capable of fluid movement, improved performance, and a decreased risk of further injury,

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Legendary Athletes is truly a service dedicated to building better, stronger and more efficient athletes and then getting them seen by college coaches.